About to start on NCIS Season 13!


I’m excited to announce that I’ll be back on NCIS this year again! Season 13 will return on Tuesday, September 22, 2015, at 8pm on CBS Network, and I’m sure many of you fans will be eager to know what happens next as the season 12 ended on a cliffhanger.

I’ll be back in the Studio with Brian Kirk starting next week, writing music, programming all the action drum sequences, and building up the tension for each episode of Season 13. Be sure to follow each episode as the story unravels!


Watch Mark Harmon (Gibbs) discuss the Big Surprise on NCIS’s Season 12 Finale:


Here is a recap of the final 4 minutes of season 12 that finished in totally unsuspected drama. SPOILER ALERT! So watch it at your own risk. :)


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