Chamber of Lux



Imagine this: You’ve spent the last weeks on an epic quest filled with adventure, danger and magic. You’ve succeeded at completing all the tasks and have finally reached your destination. You’ve just opened the door to the Chamber of Lux.

You see a magnificent room spinning around you. You’re in awe. You’ve never seen something so large and beautiful. The room is filled with ancient items, knowledge beyond comprehension. But you need to find one particular object to complete your mission. You search everywhere you can. But it’s nowhere to be found. Then you find a chest at the back end of the room. You notice a figure standing by it. You recognize him instantly, it’s the white wizard. He welcomes you with open arms and congratulates you on the journey you have just completed. Tells you about the heroes that have fallen trying to accomplish what you have done. But you made it. And with this last thing that you are about to do you will become one of them. “You will become a hero. You will live forever among all the other heroes.” He says this pointing to the glass dome above through which you can see the night sky with all the stars.

“There is no going back from what you are about to do. You will no longer be human. You will become one of the gods. Are you sure you’re ready to take on this responsibility?” You contemplate this final moment. Do you really want to do this? Are you ready to end this journey? Yes, you must. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. You open the chest and inside you see the final missing piece. You put all the pieces together, and as you do that, the world around you starts changing. The new formed element starts transforming, changing into something new. Everything around you starts shifting. You begin to float higher and higher. Eventually a blinding light emits from the center of the room…


Now listen to the follow-up piece: “Lux – Epilogue”




  • Music written, orchestrated and programmed/performed by David Bawiec
  • Artwork by and courtesy of Jonas Åkerlund
© David Bawiec. All photography by Elena Ostroumova unless specified otherwise.