Jacob & Co – Epic SF 24 Timepiece

This is another one from the series of commercials I scored for luxury watch and jewelry company Jacob & Co. for the beautiful “Epic SF 24” timepiece.


Interestingly enough, while this is not the piece that aired for the final commercial it showcases how the same video can take on an entirely different energy and vibrancy with adjustments to the timing and choice of different instruments. Compare the two videos and notice how the one above explodes with energy at the end, while the one below is much more refined and mellow. Having different options of the music allows filmmakers to see and hear the final piece in different settings, allowing them to choose what is best for their finished project.



Want to see the other commercial I did for Jacob & Co.? Check out the “Ghost“.

© David Bawiec. All photography by Elena Ostroumova unless specified otherwise.