Windy for iPhone & iPad

I had the immense honor of writing music for Windy, a fantastic relaxation app. It really couldn’t get any better. Windy is all about wind recorded in the best possible way and in the most extraordinary places, from hillsides, mountains, and valleys, to deserts and forests. I’m so proud to have been able to breathe musical life into Windy.

WindyIcon_512x512Windy for iPhone & iPad combines natural winds recorded in stereoscopic 3D for headphones with 3D parallax scenes and a wonderful story. Follow her on a journey to breathtaking places to sleep, relax, study and meditate.


From the creator of Haze and Thunderspace, in partnership with Emmy-award winning nature sound recordist Gordon Hempton, environmental star-illustrator Marie Beschorner, award-winning Hollywood composer David Bawiec, and story artist Vira Haglund.

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