Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

So thrilled to share with you this fantastic song that I produced and orchestrated for William Martinez’s one-man show “SIGNING THE SONG“! It was so much fun to get in the studio with the extremely talented William and the incomparable Kirklyn Robinson and hear these two vocally fight it out for who can do it better.

Produced and orchestrated by David Bawiec for “SIGNing The Song”.

Through American Sign Language paired with singing, “SIGNing The Song” shares the story of a boy who grew up in a deaf household with little exposure to TV, Radio, or Movies. Because of his incredible 8th grade music teacher and the love and support of his parents, he came out of his silent world and discovered his voice through music. Watch how ASL and song lyrics meld together into a beautiful unique art form. This show celebrates the incredible impact educators and parents have on each child’s life… regardless of their struggles.

The song is written by Irving Berlin and originally comes from the musical “Annie Get Your Gun”.

For more info about “SIGNING THE SONG“, click here.

© David Bawiec. All photography by Elena Ostroumova unless specified otherwise.